about taylor

Important things: I work with Written Word Media and Agile Marketing Group. I help awesome companies grow. I think excel models are fun. Which they are. Obviously.

I will be traveling the world and working remotely with Remote Year starting in February of 2016. I will be documenting that adventure at Colloquial.ly.

Less important things: I love Trader Joe’s, hiking, kayaking, abstract art, and data. I run long distances in cold weather. Laura Ingalls Wilder is my ancestor. Things that make me happy: indie rock, trail runs, and mountains. Things that make me grumpy: chapped lips, cats, and Queen (I know, who doesn’t like Queen?).

This is me, all candid and such.

This is me, all candid and such.



    1. Thank you, Anne!
      My aunt (on my Dad’s side) did a lot of research into our family’s ancestry. Probably 90% of my ancestors are Danes that immigrated in the 1920s, but there’s one line of Brits that have been in America for a long time. Apparently I’m distantly descended from the Wilders- we were pretty excited to see her name crop up on our family tree! I LOVED Little House of the Prairie when I was a kiddo.

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