tinder cliches

I listened to a Cracked podcast on parallel thinking recently. The premise: people get in a tizzy about copycats, when there’s a legitimate phenomenon of people simply having iterations of the same idea at the same time. It’s unclear exactly why, but societal progression and sociological context are oft-cited factors that impact parallel thinking.

The reason I bring this up: there are so many people saying the exact same thing in their Tinder bios.



I have googled this many times and still can’t figure out what ‘keep calm and chive on’ means.

If you want to know more, just ask

Really? Is that how dating works? Thanks for the information.

Tall enough for your highest heels.

I guess a lot of women immediately ask how tall a guy is on Tinder. I suppose it’s efficient.

Duke grad student.

Okay, that’s not really a cliche. That’s just what I get for living in Durham and wanting to date fellow 20-somethings. There are a lot of 20-something grad students in Durham.

And a few photo cliches:

  • Holding up a dead fish
  • Pointing a shotgun at a target (can you tell I’m in the south?)
  • Standing next to the old well in a graduation gown
  • Mid-sip of a craft beer
  • Driving a boat
  • Blurry and slightly sweaty group picture wherein the subject is somewhat unidentifiable.


According to my guy friends, here are the most common cliches in women’s profiles:

Sarcasm is my language, so you’d better speak it.

The sentiment is admirable. The tone is oddly challenging. And it’s interesting that so many people use this specific wording. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that sentence before.

I love to laugh!

Well, aren’t you different from other humans, you special snowflake.

My dog is the most important person in my life.

Relatable sentiment. Oddly specific language.

No hookups please, be respectful, I’m someone’s daughter!

I take no issue with this one, as creepy and disrespectful guys are unfortunately common. But again, weirdly specific wording.

And a few photo cliches:

  • One hand on the hip, leaning in slightly, head tilted to the side.
  • The “cheerleader pose” – hands on knees, bending over.
  • Car selfies (I was guilty of this one, too – sometimes the lighting is just too good!)
  • Puppy selfie (also guilty).

Parallel thinking, or predictable people? Maybe both. Who knows.

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