done is better than perfect.

Done is better than perfect.

It’s incredibly easy to put that idea into action when it’s somebody else’s project. When it’s my own, though, I get caught up in the weeds and forget to just do.

Case in point: this blog. I don’t know if I really want to be a blogger, but instead of just trying it for a while I obsessed for months about tag clouds and photography and systems and processes. Stuff that’s not really all that necessary for a blog that currently has what, like 5 posts? Stop stalling, self.

So instead of obsessing about how the site doesn’t look like it looks in my head, I’m just going to write. Here’s some stuff I might write about:

  • Food.
  • Travel.
  • Adventures. You might think that’s the same as travel, and maybe it is sometimes, but not necessarily.
  • (Mis)adventures in dating. I have no game. It’s funny.
  • Stuff that makes me laugh.
  • Home decor, on occasion.
  • Digital media. Maybe marketing too.
  • Fashion and shopping, maybe.
  • Maybe running? I only have one post idea (a love letter to Accel Gels) so maybe that won’t come up that much.
  • Wine. I drink a lot of wine. Also: I know nothing about wine except I watched that documentary Somm and got inspired to drink more wine. Funny how that happens.
  • Real talk. Friendship and career and happiness and sadness and that.

Here goes nothing, right?

Photo on 8-22-14 at 11.21 PM
Cheers to you, people not judging the poor quality of the webcam picture. Cheers to you.


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