response to corning’s “a day made of glass”

A fellow Tar Heel, Meghan Prichard, just tweeted this (very cool) video about future glass technology:

First reaction: it’s a realistic Minority Report. Very cool.

And then I thought about it. Some of that technology seems like it’d be way more frustrating to use than exciting. Example: functionality that relies on multi-touch. Maybe my fingers will get more precise as I become ever more used to touch screens, but multi-touch irritates the bejeebus out of me sometimes. Half the time I do something without meaning to and then waste time trying to figure out how to fix it. It’s not the smooth, flawless functionality Corning demonstrates.

Also- putting your phone / mini glass computer device down on a surface expands what’s on the screen. I can see a huge potential for embarrassing situations and a rise in snoopy behavior. People will have to be really careful about not putting their phones down before clearing away whatever they had up.

I’m now at the age where I pay my own bills. Almost all of them. Howw expensive would it be to have that fridge play a video all the time? Even on motion sensors, that seems like a waste of energy to me. But it might work for some. Maybe I’d like it if it were a TV on a fridge. But then I can see myself getting mad every time someoneĀ opened it for something while I was watching a show.

As for the lightweight, flexible e-reader? Wouldn’t that be annoying to hold up? I feel like it’d bend. Potential product issue right there.

What I DO like is the concept of photosensitive glass. I really love natural light in living spaces, and like the concept of wall-to-wall windows in a home. Of course, that brings with it the idea of energy (in)efficiency and a lack of privacy. Glass that changes to frosted at the touch of a button already exists in posh homes. The photosensitivity would be a cool added feature.

Overall, I think it’s great technology’s going this direction. I just think manufacturers are going to have to wrestle with a lot of functionality issues.

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