pushing daisies and facebook.

Sometimes I write blog posts, get bored, and never publish them.

Case in point: Pushing Daisies. It was my TV obsession over winter break this past year. I was so mad that 1. I had never seen it before and 2. it was canceled WAY before it should have been. I started writing a rant about how I wish they were still making it and forgot about it. I’ll put the reasons for the show’s amazingness at the bottom of this post.

Here’s the point. Pushing Daisies, a TV show canceled in 2008 (i think), was the most explosive Facebook page this past week. Somehow, WB managed to keep buzz about an old TV show fresh enough to grow more than any other page. That’s amazing.

From what I can figure out from the Pushing Daisies Facebook page, here’s their strategy / results-

  1. Post clips of episodes for fans to discuss. They don’t ask questions, they just post clips. Somehow that works for them. The most recent clip has 321 likes and 118 comments as of 3:45 on 3/22/11. FOR AN OLD EPISODE.
  2. That’s pretty much it.

I find myself questioning everything I think I know about Facebook strategy and tactics. Content is king for Pushing Daisies. The show is SO GOOD that the clips speak for themselves. Fans explode with happiness with the clips and ENGAGE.

Going forward, what will the WB do to keep up the buzz? They’re going to run out of clips at some point.

Reasons Pushing Daisies is amazing:

  1. The cinematography and art direction. There’s almost NO blue anywhere, which makes for some very interesting shots. It’s worth checking out just to see the beautiful scenes.
  2. It’s narrated by Jim Dale, the same guy who narrated the Harry Potter series. His voice is one of my favorite things to listen to in the world.
  3. The acting! Oh, the acting. It’s an amazing cast.
  4. The script. The names of places are quirkily enchanting, like Coeur d’Coeurs, Boutique Travel Travel Boutique, Charlotte Charles and the Pie Hole. The dialogue is quick and unexpected.
  5. It’s on Netflix Instant Watch. Go watch it.

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