ben the bodyguard- an app promo at its best

My Twitter stream just exploded with awesomeness… and tweets about Ben the Bodyguard. (click that link! and scroll down!) Not the app itself (it doesn’t come out until January), but the promo site. The site comes from a German startup, Nerd Communications.

Ben the Bodyguard’s site uses scrolling to its advantage: scrolling down causes Ben to walk down a (rather creepy) street, talking about the product. The copy is engaging, the graphics remind me of Tarantino meets Nolan… overall, it’s a great site. Unless the app is exorbitantly expensive, I’ll definitely download it.

However… the promo has given me VERY high expectations for the product. I want the app to be as much of an experience as the promo site is. I hope the promo is a teaser to the product… I have confidence it will be. I want the Ben the Bodyguard app to be as creative and fun to use as the promo. After visiting the site, I don’t want a straightforward, barebones security app. I want a bodyguard!

Hey… know what this reminds me of?? A GPS in a car. Mom and I named hers Daniel and set it to talk in a British accent. Daniel is considered our personal concierge. He’s very helpful. We never call it “the GPS”… it’s always Daniel. As in.. “Hey Taylor, will you ask Daniel how to get there?

The gadget has become personal. My mother has a sentimental attachment to Daniel; I anticipate users of Ben the Bodyguard to feel similarly. That’s quite an achievement.

Nerd Communications is my new favorite startup. I have a feeling we’ll see more genius out of them. Kinda makes me wish I had more than a semester of German under my belt….

Photo cred: Nerd Communications.

3 thoughts on “ben the bodyguard- an app promo at its best

  1. I completely agree on the awesomeness of the site. I’ve never really seen any other website use scrolling to that amazing effect.

    As to the name of the app, I think Bek the Bodyguard would have been more fitting.

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