apple’s announcement- the beatles? really?

Just to be clear- I think it’s great that the Beatles are on iTunes now. But I’m unimpressed with the means in which Apple handled this news- it would have been much better received if it weren’t promoted as a huge thing. It’s exciting, but not revolutionary and certainly forgettable.

Apple usually isn’t this lame. The company’s announcements usually range somewhere from kind of cool to clearly revolutionary. But Apple has apparently convinced themselves that they’re SUCH a thought leader that anything they do changes everything. Nononooonono. When you innovate, sure. But don’t promise me a day I’ll never forget just to tell me that the Beatles are (finally) on iTunes. They should have been all along- just because you stepped on a records company’s toes doesn’t mean the reconciliation is unforgettable.

Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? Apple seems to be the company that cries “revolutionary”. After a while you stop believing them.

And it’s a real shame, because more often than not- Apple IS a true innovator. Perhaps they need to learn some humility. Not EVERY announcement is game-changing. Choose your promotions carefully, or expectations are lowered and apathy emerges. And the Twitterverse has felt it.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from right after Apple’s announcement:

  • @MECahoon: Really #Apple? For that anticlimactic announcement, I refuse to buy any #Beatles songs from iTunes. Call me when Verizon gets the iPhone.
  • @eperry07: Terrible announcement iTunes. Not revolutionary at all. #notcool
  • @PRNick: Is there a new #Beatles cassette tape coming out today?
  • @NetClem: Je pense pouvoir oublier ce jour même si ca sera dur.. (translation– I think I could forget today even though it’ll be hard…)

I’m chocking it up to bad PR. Apple raised my expectations, got me excited, and then gave a lackluster / unexciting announcement. So now my expectations are significantly lower for every Apple announcement here on out. Today, Apple is an example of what NOT to do.

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