Adventure Wish List

Collect experiences, not things, etc. How very millenial. This is my running list of stuff I want to do. It is probably out of date and definitely incomplete. If you have suggestions, tweet them to me.

If it’s struck through (striken through? strikethoughed? that’s definitely not it – whatever, if it looks like this), then I’ve done it.

    1. Spend a day at the National Whitewater Center in Charlotte
    2. Train for and run a half marathon
    3. Run a full marathon
    4. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow
    5. Hug an exotic animal
    6. Take an aerial dance class
    7. Learn to play the ukulele
    8. Give the furniture I own (and hate) a makeover
    9. Buy original art whenever I travel (kind of ongoing, yeah?)
    10. Start and cultivate a vegetable and herb garden (I killed it but it was alive for a while, it counts)
    11. Go to the Caribbean 
    12. Visit Europe. Just all of Europe.
    13. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
    14. See the Perito Moreno glacier
    15. Hike Machu Picchu
    16. Hike Mount Ranier
    17. Hike Mount Fitz Roy
    18. Hike Mount Fuji
    19. Basically hike all of the mountains
    20. Stroll the cobblestone streets of Croatia
    21. Rent a bicycle in Amsterdam
    22. Drive a Vespa in Rome
    23. Sip Chianti in Montepulciano
    24. Eat gelato in Cinque Terre
    25. Taste the street food in Phuket
    26. Watch the sun set in Oia, Santorini
    27. Brave the Carrick-a-Rede
    28. Shoot whiskey in Ireland
    29. Kiss in a lavender field in Provence 
    30. Eat my way through Japan
    31. Paddle through the marble caves of Chile
    32. Sleep on a sailboat, out at sea
    33. Kayak to the San Juan Islands and wave to orca (maybe hug them but that feels like a bad decision)
    34. Visit the following National Parks: Yellowstone, Arches, Zion, Acadia, Grand Teton, Yosemite, Glacier
    35. Watch the Aurora Borealis
    36. Sleep in an igloo in Finland
    37. See a Cirque de Soleil show 
    38. Learn how to use a DSLR
    39. Learn Photoshop
    40. Stand up on a wakeboard (in the water, not just like.. in the garage)
    41. Master the slalom – a one-ski waterskiing thingy (I can only do it with two)
    42. See Lake Louise
    43. Participate in a grape stomp at a winery
    44. Parasail
    45. Grow a fruit tree (I killed it but it was alive for a while…)
    46. Learn to SCUBA
    47. Snorkel with sea turtles (I like tuwtles)
    48. Attend a formal tea
    49. Go whitewater rafting
    50. Document my family history
    51. Write a novel (more like finish a novel)
    52. Publish a book
    53. Sleep in a yurt at the Yurt Village near the Nantahala Gorge
    54. Hike through a rainforest (DONE)
    55. Ride a tandem bicycle
    56. Hanglide
    57. Paraglide, preferably over the Swiss Alps
    58. Ride in a helicopter
    59. Re-learn French
    60. Wave to a moose
    61. Camp in the Rocky Mountains
    62. Drive in a foreign country
    63. Hike the Grand Canyon
    64. Kayak in the Colorado river
    65. Hug a mule (or a donkey)
    66. Backpack a piece of the Appalachian Trail
    67. Swing on the edge of the world
    68. Go camping by myself
    69. Cook a badass multi-course dinner party for my friends
    70. Take a cooking class in a type of cuisine that baffles me
    71. Related: learn how the hell to use garam masala
    72. Get a boat license (if only so my stepdad can wakeboard while someone else drives his boat)
    73. Buy my dad a boat (this is happening, Dad, I don’t want to hear it)
    74. Swim with a dolphin, but like a happy dolphin, not a blackfish-esque dolphin (wrong animal but same concept)

BRB, adventuring.


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